About Divorce.ie

Divorce.ie was established primarily in response to the introduction of the Family Law Act 2019 and to meet the demand for a solution to the complex Divorce process in Ireland. We offer a cost effective comprehensive solution to anyone wishing to obtain a Divorce that meet the current requirements in Ireland.

Working with a nationwide expert panel of Family Law Solicitors, accredited Family Mediators and personal Case Managers, the program allows anyone entering the process to know the cost up front. This allows for added peace of mind throughout the process, where a team of professionals work with both spouses to ensure the best outcome is reached for all concerned.

Utilising this professional multidisciplinary approach, each spouse has access to:

  • A qualified Family Mediator to facilitate Agreement;
  • An independent Family Law Solicitor to advise and represent them;
  • A Case Manager to guide each spouse through the process.

If you would like to begin the process or discover more about the Divorce.ie Program, please click here.