Ongoing Support

Our committment to supporting you throughout the process.
At, we endeavour to provide our clients with a high level of ongoing support throughout the process. We achieve this level of support through a number of mediums, including our expert panel of experienced professionals that are on hand to ensure no questions get left unanswered.

Case Manager
On commencement of our program, you will be assigned a Case Manager whose sole purpose is to provide you with ongoing support, alleviate any stress and anxiety and answer any queries you may have. We have found that an initial telephone consultation with your Case Manager is an ideal platform for raising any of your concerns.

You will be appointed an experienced family Mediator from the Mediation Institute of Ireland who will work together with both spouses to reach an amicable Agreement on all aspects of the Divorce. The Mediator will be on hand to answer any queries and provide support during that stage of our program.

Each spouse will be represented by an independent Family Law Solicitor who will offer you advice on all matters in relation to the Mediated Agreement and are on hand to provide guidance during the legal process that follows.

Document Library
We provide a comprehensive document library to all clients which will facilitate preparation for Mediation sessions and initial consultations with your appointed Solicitor.

Our Case Managers are available on 01 554 6285.

Email your questions to