The Program

The Program offers a complete Divorce from start to finish. A personal Case Manager is appointed to each case and is available to answer any questions throughout the process. At Mediation, both spouses work with a qualified Family Mediator to discuss and agree all aspects of the Divorce. Once complete, the Mediator drafts a Mediated Agreement detailing everything agreed at Mediation. Each spouse is then appointed an Independent Family Law Solicitor to advise and represent each spouse in Court and to obtain a Decree which will finalise the Divorce. This program is structured to accommodate uncontested Divorces, where spouses can work together.

Program Structure & Timeframe

Stage 1 Account Registration
Stage 2
Case Manager Appointment and Consultation
Stage 3
Attend Mediation sessions with a qualified and experienced Family Mediator
Stage 4
Appointment of Independent Family Law Solicitor to represent each spouse followed by Legal Consultations
Stage 5
Court Appearance with appointed Family Law Solicitor
Stage 6
Granting of Decree of Divorce by Judge

Program Benefits

Our program is Ireland's only complete Divorce program where we work with you from start to finish, to ensure the best outcome for all involved.
Puts Children First
Because we utilise expert Mediators and Solicitors to help with your Divorce, studies show this leads to better outcomes for children, who can ordinarily find the process difficult.
Saves Time
Our unique combination of experienced Mediators and Family Law Solicitors working on your behalf, cuts down on unnecessary conflict and time consuming delays which leads to a more efficient and timely Divorce.
Saves Money
We offer a complete Divorce for one fixed low fee. Alternative methods can require an open cheque book leaving you with no idea what the total cost will amount to.
Reduces Stress
Our expert family Mediators are trained to work with you and your spouse to help achieve the best outcome for everyone concerned, especially children. Studies show that working together in this manner helps to reduce stress and leads to better relationships going forward.
Expert Panel
We offer Ireland's only Divorce program where independent Soicitors work hand in hand with Mediators and to help you reach a successful Divorce.
Personal Case Manager
A Personal Case Manager will be appointed to deal directly with your case. They will liaise with both spouses and ensure that the program proceeds in a timely manner.
Fixed Fee
The Program offers a Divorce from start to finish for a nominal fixed fee.
Staged Payments
The payment schedule is split into two staged transactions, making it easier for clients to budget.